RAPt delivers services both in the criminal justice system and the community to help people overcome the grip of addiction.

In 1992 RAPt founded the first drug treatment facility in a UK prison. Today we are the leading provider of intensive, abstinence-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes in UK prisons, and we provide high-quality drug and alcohol services to over 15,000 people every year. We work with the families and carers of substance misusers, as well as substance misusers themselves.

Our services include offering advice, counselling, group work, and intensive treatment.

We also contribute to learning in the treatment of drug and alcohol issues through research, and to the quality of the sector through our training and volunteering programmes.

Our research using Police National Computer (PNC) data shows that RAPt’s high-quality abstinence-based programmes significantly reduce re-offending rates, with just 31% of people who complete the programmes going on to re-offend, compared with 49% addicted prisoners who do not complete the programme, and 51% of a matched group who complete a lower intensity comparison intervention. Among those that did reoffend those completing the RAPt programme committed significantly less re-offences per person and overall less severe offences than the comparison group. The cost savings are huge – for every 100 individuals, the RAPt programme saves £6.3m on re-sentencing. This would equate to savings of £400m per year if the programme was offered to just 10% of drug dependent prisoners. Our associate at the University of Western Carolina has verified these findings and is currently producing an article on the findings to be published for peer review.