20161118_082308In his last blog for Alcahol Awareness week, Stephen tells us of his hopes for the future.

“Today I’m still going to the AA group. I feel in control now. I feel better in myself. I’m a lot better. I’m in control now and I know what’s right and what’s wrong. I enjoy my life without beer, I know one drink can make the difference so I don’t touch it at all costs.

My hopes for the future are to get work. Life today is much better without alcohol. I had a medical the other day, it looks like my blood pressure is going down. I think there is a bright future for me. I see my son again and my mum is pleased that I have sorted myself out.

I get a lot out of helping others by talking through my experience and helping them realise a problem before it gets too late. Even people without a drinking problem can be taught to pick up on that. When I talk to people from probation I think they would learn to look out for situations and they could pick things up quicker before it gets out of control. ”

If you would like further information or support about the affects of alcahol please visit the recovery support pages of the RAPt website

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