handsIn Today’s Alcahol Awareness week blog Stephen tells us his experience of leaving prison and being met by a RAPt worker

“I came out of prison in January and met my RAPt worker at the gate. We decided that the RAPt worker would help me with my alcohol addiction and St Giles Trust would help me cope with my education and housing needs. When I first came out of prison I moved into a hostel. There was an old guy there and we would go to the pub. He would drink and I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t touch a drop. I tend not to socialise with people who do drink, it’s easier for me to have a network of people that don’t drink. I started going to an AA fellowship meeting when I was released. When I go to AA I meet people with similar situations to me, they can ask me ‘how did you do that.’ It’s good to share our experience, it’s very important.”
The blog continues tomorrow, where Stephen will tell us about his hopes for the future. You can catch up on the blog by reading day one here, day two here and day three here


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