corridor-men-cropped-2“I needed help but didn’t know where to go I knew that if I went home it would start again. I saw the adverts for RAPt on the wall and I said to myself, ‘this is it, I have to make this work’. I met Mandy from RAPt and we had one to ones on a weekly basis and went through worksheets. I met another RAPt worker and I went through intervention courses with them. Then I did a series of group workshops known as Stepping Stones. Those courses taught me how to manage my addiction. What I learnt through the RAPt course was so intense that I would never touch another drop.

Group work team building, had us talking about coping and control where to get help, we also talked about triggers, what drink can do- and how we push everyone away. The Stepping Stones group had drug addicts as well as people with alcohol problems.  Drink and drugs are just the same it separates you away from your friends then your family and before you know it you have no one.”

The blog continues tomorrow, where Stephen will tell us about being releaseed . You can catch up on the blog by reading day one here and day two here

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