bar-406884_1920Alcohol Awareness week is from 14-20 November 2016, all this week we are sharing Stephen’s story from addiction to recovery. In the first blog Stephen speaks about drinking culture.

“When I first started to drink my parents, especially my dad, always said ‘You should try not to drink too much.’  I will always remember my Dad saying that to me and at the time I thought ‘Oh Dad, stop worrying’ I was 16 and would often drink beer in my room when watching a DVD and would get drunk with friends.

Every now and then on a Saturday I would get caught doing something silly, I would get picked up staggering home and taken into police custody for my own safety.  I thought nothing of it.

For 10 years I worked as a security officer, I had a responsible job, through that I got a job in the City, working in the post room for a big company. They had a big drinking culture and we were encouraged to end up in the pub at the end of the day for team building. Drinking after work was a slippery sloop, I was hooked. I got to the stage where I was drinking all night and I had to be up at 6 in the morning, I would go to work drunk I didn’t know how I did my job, but I did.

My mum was trying to help me, there was no way of gaining control.  She made me go to the doctor, my blood pressure was really high and the doctor was surprised at how much I was drinking. He told me if I continue drinking I would die.”

Tomorrow Stephen speaks about hitting his lowest point.

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